Gear Feature: ProCompression Marathon Socks

Sporting PRO Compression @ Huntsville Half
As someone who has struggled with a lot of lower leg issues over the years, I've spend a significant amount of money on various therapies and products to try to take care of my stems. In this quest for my "holy grail" of lower leg health, I've tried several different brands of compression socks. I won't go into the scientific background of compression socks, but if you're interested, you can click HERE to read a breakdown on the topic by Steve Magness.

Anyway, back to my chronically grumpy achilles (and, more recently, posterior tibial tendon)... When I first started wearing compression socks about 5 or 6 years ago, there weren't a ton of options. CEP was the big name, along with a few other options. I really liked the support that I felt like CEP provided, and I did notice a reduction in lower leg fatigue and soreness post-workout. What I didn't like was the battle to get them on or off because they were soooo tight. I understand that's kind of the point, but I shouldn't have to worry about falling off the bed or straining an ab muscle to get my socks off after a run!

When I was sponsored by a particular company after college, I wore their compression socks instead of my old CEPs (which, by then, had developed some unsightly holes where I tended to kick my ankles). They were FAR easier to get on and off, but I realized they probably weren't providing as much benefit when they fell down to my ankles about 2k into a 10k race. Compression? Not so much. Bummer.

When my contract with that company wasn't renewed after my first year, I started exploring my compression options. A lot of running gear isn't super affordable, so I spent a lot of time perusing various discount sites. On a whim, because they were on sale for less than $20, I decided to try PRO Compression. And you know what? My compression life changed!

PRO Compression Marathon Socks - I won't admit how many pairs I currently own, because some people would undoubtedly find the number "excessive" - are really unique among the many brands I've tried in that they provide a nice, snug amount of compression (which I affectionately think of as "a hug for my legs") but they're SUPER easy to get on and off. Yes, they're tight, but they're also really stretchy. No more falling off beds or straining ab muscles. Jackpot! They also come in some pretty fun colors and patterns. If you, like me, enjoy matching all the components of your outfit together, these socks are great for that too! My achilles and PTT also are huge fans of their mid-height PC Racer Socks. (They also have "low" socks and compression sleeves, but I haven't tried those yet.)

Bottom line: I love my PRO Compression socks. I wear them for every run I do: workouts, long runs, races, shake-outs... Everything. I highly recommend you give them a try: you'll get the benefits of the compression without getting injured everytime you need to put them on or take them off. And that's pretty awesome.

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