Time to Fly!

At some group runs at Flatirons Running, I've gotten questions about HOKA ONE ONE shoes from runners who assumed I was a rep for the company like my friend and teammate Nicole. That was a fair assumption on their part, since I was often there to try to help Nicole when she had a shoe demo or other event and I always had the Conquest or Clifton on my feet. I always explained that I just really liked the shoes and that I was helping a friend.

But, I'll back-track a little to explain how I ended up with my feet in a pair of HOKA ONE ONEs...

Last summer, I was training for the US Mountain Running Championship. I was doing most of my workouts up hills to prepare and I was feeling really fit. Seemingly out of nowhere, my posterior tibial tendon became very inflamed and the pain on the inside of my ankle made it impossible to run. My chiropractor did some good work on it, but the pain would always come back if I tried to run.

I really didn't know what I was going to do... It was suggested that I try the HOKA ONE ONE Conquest, and it was just like flipping a switch: I could run again! A few times in the months following that, I tried to wear other shoes for a run here or there, but the pain always came back. As I got back in shape and the injury healed, I picked up a pair of the Huaka for my quicker workouts and races. I was hooked on HOKA!

As my coach recently said, "If it weren't for HOKAs, Amanda would be sitting at home with a cat, feeling sorry for herself." Bingo. The man knows me pretty well.

So, I'm very pleased and excited to announce that the newest member of "Team Amanda" is HOKA ONE ONE!  I'm really looking forward to representing them in my training and racing and at various sponsored events and I'm extremely grateful for their support!

Time to fly!

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