Gear Feature: Racxers

"Any given moment can change your life -- you just have to be there." - Curly Girl Designs

This is the story of how I stepped outside of my comfort zone in a big way. In doing so, I tried my hand at modeling and was introduced to a cool, new product that I think is worth getting excited about.


credit: David Schlatter Photography

Sometimes, a really vague opportunity comes along, and you are very tempted to ignore it. One day, my coach posted a message in our team facebook group, informing us that there were models needed at a particular address at a certain time and telling us what clothing we should bring. That was all the information I had on which to base a decision. Really, relaxing in my new apartment sounded really appealing.

Somehow, I got myself organized and out to this house in a nearby town. When I walked into the studio, there were several other people around my age who looked really fit but there wasn't anyone I recognized. That kind of situation falls pretty high on my "most feared" list. I get pretty anxious when I don't have even a single familiar face in the room. But, at that point, I was committed. I couldn't just walk out.

After some sitting around and chatting, I found out why we were there -- a few rad guys in Boulder will be starting a Kickstarter campaign for a great new product called "Racxers" and they needed to get started on the first round of advertising.

What are Racxers? If you've competed in any kind of race -- running, cycling, triathlon, skiing, and probably any other number of sports that I couldn't think of -- you've probably pinned a competition number to your clothing.

Like many runners, I tend to obsess a bit over every little detail when I race. I have to wear my GPS watch so I can analyze the data later, I need the right sunglasses, my shoes have to be tied (and often re-tied several times) "just right." At any given race, I can be seen making several last minute adjustments to the pins holding my bib number in place. I can't stand it being crooked! It's a lot easier to lay my singlet out on a table to attach the number, right? But then, when I pull it over my head, the pins tear either the number or, worse, my awesome singlet! 

After using Racxers for a few weeks, including at the US Mountain Running Championship, I've noticed a few things:

  1. When I attach the number before putting on my singlet, I haven't had any problems with the number tearing and, because I'm not piercing the fabric, there's no damage to my singlet. 
  2. If I still feel a need to fidget on the starting line, Racxers are much easier and quicker to adjust than safety pins. They're strong enough that I never have to worry about my number falling off, but they're very easy to remove/adjust just by pinching and sliding (imagine you were trying to snap with your thumb and index finger).
  3. I've never had any kind of skin irritation from Racxers. The back is smooth and flat, so I never even notice it. If you've ever had a safety pin pop open and stab you during a race, you'll appreciate the comfort of Racxers.

Overall, I think Racxers are an excellent addition to my gear collection because they're easy to use, they don't damage me or my clothing, and they help prevent the waste of all the countless safety pins that would probably otherwise get tossed.


  1. Nice feature Amanda, we would like to feature this in the upcoming Boulder Running Journal? https://readymag.com/BoulderRunning/journal/

  2. Todd, I'm sorry I didn't reply to this sooner. Consider this my permission to use anything from my site as needed! You rock!