Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for Runners

Since it seems like every blogger and every company does one of these, I felt I should put together my own list of great gifts for the runner in your life. (Or for yourself... I'm fully in favor of getting yourself a Christmas gift!) It's also a good opportunity for me to promote gear that I use and love. Full disclosure: there is a bias to this list, as some of the companies sponsor me.


The Clifton is one of my favorite running shoes of all time. I've worn it to race a fast mile and I was also planning to wear it for the marathon this fall. But it's also a great shoe if you're planning to spend a lot of time on your feet (ex: you have a standing desk at work) and just want more cushioning. Pro tip: If you're looking for something similar but with better traction, the HOKA ONE ONE Challenger ATR is the trail equivalent.

2. Rocket Pure - $13-$19
I still need to get around to writing a post just about Rocket Pure, but that will happen soon… Anyway, a lot of runners are really careful about what they put IN their bodies, but not as much thought seems to go into what we put ON our bodies. Rocket Pure is a line of all-natural body care products for athletes. The foot deodorizing spray is fantastic, but giving it as a gift kind of says “Hey, friend, your feet stink!” But, with how much time we spend out in the sun what runner doesn’t need a good sunscreen? Even in winter, your face needs protection! If your runner friend has a marathon or other big race coming up, I highly recommend Friction Therapy Natural Anti-Chafe Balm. Despite the sand and rocks that found their way into my shoes in Moab, Friction Therapy protected me from any kind of blister emergency! Honestly, all their products work great AND smell great, so you should probably get something for your friend and one of everything for yourself. ;-)

I'm a big fan of variety packs. Really, who doesn't get tired of the same flavor, day after day. Sure, I could probably eat curry every day of my life and not get bored, but I'm not normal. Plenty of people I know have a hard time drinking as much water as they should, but Nuun Hydration makes it easier with light, delicious flavors and an added boost of electrolights. You can’t lose! 

4. Racxers - $25 for a pack of 4
I wrote about them previously, but Racxers are the magnetic option to replace safety pins for your bib number. No fuss, and no holes in your expensive technical running gear!

5. Subscription to Trail Runner Magazine - $7 per quarter, $22 for one year, $33 for 2 years
 If your friend is one of those crazy types who loves playing in the dirt, a subscription to Trail Runner might be the perfect gift! They have gear reviews, advice on training and nutrition, interviews with elites, and lots of gorgeous trail pictures that will make you start pricing plane tickets.

So, there you have it. Amanda’s suggestions for last-minute Christmas shopping for your runner friends (or yourself)!

Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!

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