It's been a while. Where have I been? Well, I've been rehabbing this stubborn hip injury I've had since the US Trail Marathon Championship exactly 3 months ago, and I didn't figure people were too interested in hearing about what I was doing while I was injured. I've spent a ton of time swimming, getting treatment from my chiropractor, working, starting grad school, and running on the AlterG (anti-gravity treadmill) at less than my full bodyweight. It's been a long, tedious process, but I've been surprised at how much I've started to enjoy swimming now that I'm getting better at it. Honestly, even though these 3 months have been frustrating, I think this time has been a really good re-boot for my body and mind so that I can start trail training fresh.

In the grand scheme of things, this isn't a terrible time of year to be injured. My first big trail race of the year isn't until July, so I have plenty of time to cautiously ease back into things and build up in a smart way. It has been difficult to be stuck inside when I love running in the snow, but 2016 is the year I will finally make rational decisions about my running instead of always getting so emotional about everything. In the past, I've frequently made poor decisions that have led to me getting injured or overtrained, and I'm really making an effort now to think about what is actually best for me in the long term. I think having an experienced, knowledgeable coach who can help me make those decisions is really key, so I'm finally ready to announce who my new coach is!

After several months of talking to various coaches and weighing the pros and cons of each, I've selected Scott Elliot to guide me in the next phase of my trail running career. Scott himself won the Pikes Peak Ascent 8 times and coached Kim Dobson to a new Pikes Peak Ascent record in 2012. After talking with Scott at length about where I've come from and where I want to go, I'm confident that he has the know-how to get me there. It's going to mean a lot of very hard work, but I'm really excited to get started.

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